Quebec Casino Bonuses: Top-Rated Free Spins and No Deposit Bonuses

Quebec has a rich gambling history, which is why many new casinos are licensed to operate in the Canadian province. However, identifying those with the best welcome bonuses, no deposit offers, free spins, and mobile applications can be a challenge. Fortunately, the team working behind the scene has been able to find the best Quebec casino bonuses that come with and without bonus codes.

Best Online Casino and Sports Betting Bonuses for Quebec Players

    Sign-Up Bonus Rating & Review
  1. 100% Match Bonus, Up to $150

    New Quebec players at PowBet can get their hands on a great first deposit welcome bonus of up to $150. The sportsbook will match your first deposit 100%, and you can use your that for lines with odds of 1.50 or longer.

    Available in Quebec
  2. 100% Match Bonus, Up to $300

    If you’re looking for a free bet promotion, BetVictor Sportsbook has an ace up its sleeve for its Quebec players. Newly registered users are eligible for a 100% deposit match on the first deposit of up to $300 in the form of a free bet.

    Available in Quebec
    BetVictor Review
  3. 100% Match Bonus, Up to $100

    BetStorm is a reliable and safe low-deposit sportsbook that offers a simple welcome bonus. New users that deposit $10 will get $10 in the form of free bets.

    Available in Quebec
  4. 100% Match Bonus, Up to $150

    Free spin lovers are in for a treat at Zoome Casino. This online casino offers a generous welcome offer in the form of a 100% deposit match of up to $1,000, and 100 free spins as an added extra.

    Available in Quebec
  5. 100% Match Bonus, Up to $500

    Slot enthusiasts love free spins, which is why Powbet Casino offers up to 200 free spins as a part of its welcome offer. Newcomers can get their hands on a welcome package that also includes a 100% deposit match of up to $750.

    Available in Quebec
  6. 100% Match Bonus, Up to $1600

    At Jackpot City Casino, you’ll have many chances of hitting the jackpot, as the operator offers a massive 4-tier welcome bonus of up to $1,600! The offer comes as a deposit match on the first four deposits.

    Available in Quebec
    Jackpot City Review
  7. 100% Match Bonus, Up to $200

    Every member at King Billy Casino is treated like royalty, and that’s visible from the time you register at the site. Newcomers are eligible for a 100% deposit match welcome bonus of up to $500 and 100 free spins on top of that.

    Available in Quebec
  8. 0% Match Bonus, Up to $0
    Available in Quebec
    Espacejeux Casino Review
  9. 150% Match Bonus, Up to $150

    ComeOn has grown into one of the most respected sportsbook and casino sites in Canada. For its Quebec users, it offers a generous welcome bonus of up to $1,500! The operator will match your first deposit 100% up to $1,500.

    Available in Quebec
    Come On Casino Review

Here, our focus is on promotions and there is a lot for you to unpack. Thanks to our talented review team, we have sourced the best promos available in the Quebec iGaming market. From the best online casino bonus packages to the incredible sports betting bonus offers, we leave no stone unturned.

Read on to see what we have in stock for you under this review.

A futuristic display of a slot reel, roulette wheel, casino cards, chips and trophies representing the top bonuses for Quebec players

Quebec isn’t short of top bookmakers and casinos with amazing offers. However, only the best online casinos are our focus on this page. As such, below is a brief but thorough analysis of the best sports betting and online casino signup bonuses available for Quebec players.

Common Features of the Best Casino Online and Sportsbook Bonuses

There is almost no casino or sportsbook that doesn’t offer promotions to players. But are they all favourable? Sadly no. Some casino bonuses are laced with harsh and unreasonable conditions that ultimately give you no value for your money.

Thankfully, our review below talks about the distinguishing factors that set great casino bonuses and promotions apart from questionable ones. These are:

How to Spot a Rewarding Canadian Casino and Betting Bonus

Identifying a rewarding casino bonus offer on Quebec casinos and sportsbooks can pose a challenge. Fortunately, our review team is always up to the rescue. Therefore, we have taken our time to curate an exhaustive list of tips to follow to spot the best casino bonus in Quebec. They are:

Which Casino Bonus in Quebec Should I Avoid?

We won’t mention specific casino bonus packages on Quebec operators you are to avoid. However, we will give you a guide you can use to separate the chaff from the wheat. Below is a list of these tips that show when a casino bonus should be avoided:

A confused person is thinking about how Do Casino Promotions Work?

How Quebec Sports Betting and Casino Promotions Work?

Sports betting bonuses and promotions are reward packages designed to boost the bottom line of bettors. Usually, how much you get from these offers depends largely on how well you can use them to win. Also, they come in different variations and with unique conditions.

These promotions are however not always free. Even though the platforms market them as being advantageous to the players, this is not always the case. They come with certain requirements which may be reasonable or unfavourable depending on each offer.

Why Do Quebec iGaming Sites Offer Free Spins No Deposit Casino Bonuses and Other Incentives?

Casino bonuses are a major feature in the Quebec iGaming industry. There is a culture of bombarding players with more and more offers among casinos and sportsbooks in the province. While we don’t fault this practice, it’s interesting to understand why this is the case. The proliferation of casino bonuses with varying conditions is attributable to certain reasons and we will consider them below.

To Attract New Players

Casino bonuses are incentives, and they are designed to make you select an operator over others. The gambling industry in Quebec is a highly competitive terrain. By having better promos than that of other platforms, you are more likely to catch the attention of new gamers. This is usually the purpose of casino welcome bundles.

To Build Loyalty

More often than not, it is not enough to attract new casino players to your platform. For them to stay, you need to offer more rewards even after registration. It affords them the chance to enjoy the thrills of risk that come with casino gambling without having to spend much.

Easy Brand Marketing

Attractive offers do a good job of marketing the platform on their own. Words travel fast, and reviews also make a lot of impacts. Either directly or indirectly, information will eventually reach other casino gamers about where the best promos are. Many casino operators have refer-a-friend offers that allow you to receive a special bonus for bringing newcomers to their platforms.

To Attract More and Bigger Deposits

When a casino or sports betting bonus is very good, players start to consider making more and bigger deposits to enjoy even bigger rewards. Keeping customers and making them deposit as much as possible is the aim of all gambling platforms. The more they deposit and wager, the more the casino operators make.

How Do Bonuses for Quebec Players Compare to Bonuses Available to Other Canadian Players?

Most casino bonuses are uniform across all provinces and territories in Canada. Therefore, there aren’t always noteworthy differences between bonuses available for Quebec casino players to other Canadian gamers. The same applies to sportsbooks as the offers are usually within the same range.

However, the Ontario iGaming market is more organized than that of other provinces, including Quebec. Thus, some of the promotions available for Canadian gamers in this province tend to be slightly more attractive than the ones for Quebec players. Due to being highly regulated, they tend to have more favourable terms and conditions, and more generous offers.

Can Quebec Players Legally Benefit from Bonuses?

Gambling in Quebec has the same regulation patterns obtainable in other Canadian provinces except for Ontario. The Criminal Code of Canada is the biggest authority even though it does very little for casino gambling activities in the Province. Provinces are allowed to do this on their own.

Can I Keep All of My Casino and Sportsbook Bonus Winnings?

Under the Income Tax Act, you don’t pay taxes on your casino winnings. Whether it is a small win or a big jackpot prize, all of your bonus winnings belong to you. You don’t even need to declare your winnings to any national or provincial tax authority.

However, the rule doesn’t apply if you gamble professionally as a main source of income. In that case, you will be taxed just like the average business owner.

Types of Bonus Offers at Quebec iGaming Sites

Bonuses come in different types and with different conditions, and this is because each is designed to achieve a specific purpose. Below, we will consider some of these sports betting and casino bonus variations popular in Quebec today.

Welcome Bonuses

A casino welcome bonus is a bonus that you get when you sign up for a casino or sportsbook. Typically, you have to register and deposit to claim the reward and a perfect example of this is Zoome Casino’s First deposit bonus of 100% up to 1000 CAD + 100 free spins. Sometimes, this offer might come as a no deposit casino bonus where you don’t have to deposit anything to claim the reward.

Reload (Match Deposit Bonuses)

Reload offers are for existing casino players that have deposited before. Unlike welcome bundles, they don’t usually cover 100% of a deposit. The package is claimed when you make another deposit after having made several in the past. For instance, Slotimo Sportsbook has an impressive reload sports bonus of 50% up to 75 CAD.

Free Bets

Free bets are not peculiar to any class of players. Depending on the sportsbook, they can be for newcomers or even existing casino players. Also, a free bet bonus might require you to make a deposit or not. For instance, BetStorm requires you to deposit and bet 10 CAD to get 10 CAD free bets.

Free Spins

Just as free bets are for sportsbooks, free spins are for casinos. Free spins are also often granted to either newcomers or existing gamblers as promotions for newly introduced slot machines. This bonus can come as a free spins no deposit casino bonus where you don’t need to deposit to claim the reward. Alternatively, the casino may require you to make a deposit to be entitled to the bonus. A relevant example here is King Billy Casino which gives 100 free spins to new players as part of its welcome package.

Risk-Free Bonuses

A risk-free bet bonus lets you get something back when you lose your bet. The way this works varies depending on the operator. For some, you get back all of your bet amounts while for others, you only get a portion of it. Leon Bet is one the most popular Quebec casino bonus offers in this category. The sportsbook offers players a 100% risk-free bet of $200.

Cashback Bonuses

A cashback bonus allows you to get back some of your losses over a given period. It might be daily, weekly or monthly depending on the casino. The percentage is however usually low. Quebec casino operators offer between 10% to 20%. Powbet casino offers gamblers this offer. You can get a Cashback of 10% up to 200 CAD on your losses.

Match Play Bonuses

Match play offers are often offered to new players. A match play bonus is significantly different from a free bet bonus or a no deposit casino bonus. This is because it heavily restricts what markets, sports, or games you can use the bonus on. However, due to the heavy restriction on its usage, it doesn’t always come with wagering requirements.

Bonuses on Losses

No one likes to lose when they gamble. That is why some casino operators make provisions for different bonus packages on losses. One such bonus is cashback which we have previously discussed and Powbet offers this with its cashback offer of 10% up to 200 CAD on your losses

Loyalty Rewards

Loyalty bonuses are meant to reward existing casino members for their consistency in playing on a gambling platform. They usually come in form of VIP programs or clubs where you move from one level to another. Powbet casino offers a type of this reward where VIP members can get a 50% free bet up to 1000 CAD when they deposit.

High Roller Bonuses

Higher roller promos are specifically for casino players that make huge deposits and gamble high. It is a way of rewarding the heaviest players and encouraging them to do even more. Typically, you claim this bonus using an online casino sign up bonus code. Dream Vegas Casino has a High Roller promo of C$7,000 plus 120 Free Spins available for massive gamers.

Combo Boost Offers

Many Quebec casino operators offer combo boosts which you can use on every sports type. You can also maximize your usage when you fulfill the bonus requisites.

Bet Insurance Offers

Bet insurance offers allow you to insure your bets in case of any doubts. You can take advantage of this offer as a full amount or just insure your bet partially. Many Quebec sportsbooks offer this package to players.

Reduced Juice Offers

In sports betting, the juice is a commission that sportsbooks collect on all winning wagers. Therefore, reduced juice offers aim to bring the odds closer to what their market value is.

Referral Offers

When you introduce a newcomer to a casino or sportsbook, you may be entitled to some sort of bonus. This is known as a referral bonus and BetMGM instantly comes to mind here as it gives 50 CAD each for up to 20 referrals.

Differences Between Online Casino and Sports Betting Promotions in Canada

Bonuses are incentives designed to breed loyal and reliable players. Thus, whether it is a sportsbook or a casino, you are bound to encounter many rewards whenever you join a gambling platform. However, the offerings you get at an online casino must be distinct from a sports betting bonus. In the following, we highlight some of these differences.

Sportsbook Bonuses Do Not Necessarily Need Massive Deposits

To claim a Quebec casino bonus, you will likely have to deposit a big sum to be entitled to the offer. This is not exactly the case with sports betting bonuses. You don’t have to deposit a big amount to get a bonus and smaller sums are typically acceptable.

Online Casinos Give Bigger Rewards

It seems logical that since casino bonuses require bigger deposits, they also have more impressive offers and that is exactly the case. The list of available bonuses in Quebec casinos is longer and more diverse. Sports betting bonuses on the hand are comparatively smaller.

Sports Betting Promotions Do Not Often Require a Code

Having to use an online casino sign up bonus code is a common feature of many online casinos. This is however less frequent in sportsbooks. You usually don’t need a code to claim your bonus.

You Can Meet Sports Betting Rollovers Faster

Sportsbook bonuses tend to come with less demanding rollover requirements. Therefore, withdrawing your bonus winnings is typically faster. Online casinos often have promos with less-friendly rollover requirements and this makes it slower to withdraw bonus winnings.

Which Top Online Casino and Sports Betting Promos Are Preferred Among Canadian iGaming Fans?

While there are many promotions offered across several Canadian Gaming sites, our review team has made an interesting observation. Gamers are generally attracted to some rewards more than others. The most preferred of these bonuses include:

Welcome Bundles

Welcome bundles are at the apex of every new player’s preference. No doubt, whether you are a seasoned casino player or not, you can’t deny that special feeling you get when a casino welcomes you with attractive offers. This is why almost every Quebec operator has this bonus – Powbet, Jackpot City, Slotimo, and almost all of the remaining platforms.

Loyalty Rewards

After signing up for a casino or sportsbook, no player wants the bonus experience to end at registration. Surely, you want that constant feeling of appreciation and the biggest facilitator of that are loyalty rewards. Once again, a large percentage of Quebec operators, including Powbet and many more also offer this reward.

Cashback offers

The feeling of losing when you gamble online is inexplicably depressing. This is why many casino gamers love it when they can get back some of their previous losses. As such, a cashback bonus is one of the favourite choices of Quebec iGaming fans.

Best Bonuses for Quebec iGaming Fans

Quebec is a province where players never fail to capitalize on bonus offers from casino and iGaming platforms. However, we have realized that certain operators excel at certain bonuses more than their counterparts.

Better put, some casino operators focus more on certain offers and this makes them stand out. As such, under this section, we will consider the best platforms for some of the most popular offerings available in the Quebec iGaming landscape.

Best Loyalty Program

While there is a decent amount of great loyalty programs among Quebec casinos and sportsbooks, our team was most impressed by North Casino’s loyalty program. The casino has a VIP program that has 8 different tiers. With each spin and hand that you play at the casino, you get loyalty points. When you bet 10 CAD on slots, you get a point. You’ll also get a point when you bet 50 CAD on any other game.

The more casino points you earn, the higher you go in the tiers. Also, there are special rewards attached to each tier. The tiers are Junior, Minor Leaguer, Rookie, Veteran Captain, All-Star, Hall of Famer, and Legendary. The highest tier, Legendary, comes with a reward of 1000 CAD.

Best Free Spins Bonus

Powbet casino has the most impressive free spins bonus as far as our team is concerned. Its casino welcome bonus is Up To $750 plus 200 Free Spins. This is especially good considering the wagering requirements are not too high at 35x.

Best Welcome Bonus

Jackpot City Casino has arguably the best welcome casino bonus not only in Quebec but also across the whole of Canada. The total welcome bonus is 100% up to 1600 CAD spread across your first four deposits. It comes with a 70x wagering requirement.

Best Referral Program

Of all the referral programs our team considered, we found Royal Panda’s casino offer to be the most impressive. When you refer a friend to this iGaming site, you get a reward of 25 extra spins and 100 bonus points.

Best Cashback Bonus

After thorough consideration, we found out that Powbet casino’s cashback bonus is one of the best available for Quebec players. The casino offers Cashback of 10% up to 200 CAD which is a top casino bonus in Quebec.

Best Reload Bonus

Our top choice here is Slotimo Sportsbook. This is not to say there is no other good free spin offer that comes with reloads. Slotimo Sportsbook however has a uniquely impressive reload sports bonus of 50% up to 75 CAD.

Best Free Bet Bonus

To start with, only a limited number of Quebec iGaming platforms have sports betting free bonus offers. As such, it’s so easy to conclude that BetStorm’s free bet bonus is one of the best within the province. The bonus requires you to deposit and bet 10 CAD to get 30 CAD free bets

Best Offers on Losses

Once again, our team found Powbet casino’s cashback bonus to be the top among the best bonus for losses for Quebec gamers. The offer is a bonus Cashback of 10% up to 200 CAD.

Best No Deposit Bonus

Just as it is with free bets, there are also a few online Quebec casinos that offer no deposit promos. There are very few no deposit bonus casinos in Canada that exclusively offer bonuses for no deposit.

Casinos from time to time review their policies so nothing is ever fixed. Here, King Billy has a new no deposit casino bonus of $5 and it is easily our favourite.

How to Find the Best Sports Betting and Casino Bonus Offers: Terms and Conditions to Check Out

Many casino players are fond of using their new casino bonus code without thoroughly examining the terms and conditions of an offer. This is not commendable behaviour. There are certain factors you need to consider before committing to any bonus offer and they are as follows.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements (or playthrough requirements for sportsbooks) refer to the amount you have to wager before you withdraw your bonus winnings. A wagering requirement is most favourable when it is low.

Minimum Qualifying Deposit

This is the lowest amount you can deposit to be entitled to a bonus. Note that the best offers are those with a really low minimum deposit amount.

Bonus Validity

Typically, promotions come with a validity period within which you are to use the offer and complete your rollover requirement. Therefore, where the validity period is unreasonably short, you can ignore the bonus.

Bonus Amount or Percentage

The amount or percentage of a bonus itself is a prime consideration you should make before claiming a bonus. Here, wisdom is however required. The amount should reasonably correspond with the conditions attached. For instance, an average bonus with a low wagering requirement is preferable to a huge bonus amount with an unnecessarily high wagering requirement.

Maximum Cashout Limit

The cashout limit is the maximum amount that an iGaming site allows you to get on an individual market or bet. The higher the limits, the better the offer for you.

Eligible Betting Odds (Minimum Odds)

This particularly applies to sportsbooks rather than casinos. To enjoy certain promotions, Quebec online bookies will require you to bet not below certain odds. The lower the requirement here, the better the offer.

Game Eligibility

A lot of offers are not applicable across all games or sports markets. It is not uncommon for a casino bonus to be restricted to some specific games either. Thus, the best promotions are those that are eligible across many games.

Maximum Betting Limit

The betting limit is the maximum amount you can stake on a single bet in a casino. When the betting limit is high, the condition is a favourable one and vice versa.

Canadian Casino Gambling Bonuses - Important Criteria Explained

It is not enough to know the requirements and criteria that come with bonuses offered by Quebec casinos. You need to understand these criteria and how to work around them. In brevity, we highlight some of these criteria and how to find your way around them.

How Do Wagering Requirements work?

Wagering requirements refer to the amount you have to bet to cash out the funds in your account. For instance, if your account balance is 200 CAD and 50 CAD of it is bonus funds, you will bet a specific multiple of the balance amount before you can withdraw. For example, a $100 bonus with a WR of 70x bonus amount means that you have to wager $7000. Keep in mind that there can be two variants, i.e. 70x bonus and 70x bonus + deposit.

Why Do Promos Carry Wagering Requirements?

Bonuses come with wagering requirements because gambling platforms don’t want you to leave immediately after claiming your bonus. They want to keep you on their site and the best way to do that is through wagering requirements.

Tips to Meet Wagering Requirements Faster?

To clear the wagering requirements of your Quebec casino bonus sooner, we advise that you make higher bets on low variance slots that have high RTP value. They tend to produce small to medium payouts frequently.

Alternatively, you can consider making medium bets on high variance slots. Play massive spin amounts (at least) and watch yourself clear the requirements in no time.

What Is the Average Minimum Qualifying Deposit?

Most Quebec iGaming and casino sites have minimum qualifying deposits within the same range. As such, it is safe to say that the average here is 10 to 30 CAD for casinos.

How Many Free Spins Can I Get?

The amount of free spins you can get depends on the casino operator. While some usually offer massive free spins, others are not particularly generous with them. For example, Powbet offers a lot of spins (200 free spins) for newcomers as part of its casino welcome offer.

Are All Games Playable With Bonus Funds?

No, not all games are usually playable with free funds. More often than not, a bonus restricts you to play only specific games. Of course, some bonus funds may allow you to play all games, but they are very few.

What Is the Average Maximum Betting Limit?

The average maximum betting limit for Quebec sportsbooks is hard to determine. This is because, for each operator, the limit varies depending on the sport and even sometimes the day. However, most of these iGaming platforms usually have a reasonable maximum betting limit favourable to most bettors. The average betting limit for sportsbook offers is around $5 - $7.5.

Who Qualifies for Welcome bundles?

A welcome bonus is an offer you get upon registration on an iGaming site. Many times, the bonus comes in batches spread across your first set of deposits. Only new players are eligible for welcome bundles.

An excited person with a mobile phone is thinking about claiming mobile bonuses

Can I Claim Quebec Bonuses on My Mobile Device?

Yes, you can claim bonuses on your mobile device. A mobile Quebec Casino bonus works exactly like the bonus on a regular site. There are also different kinds of rewards that you can claim starting from the very moment you sign up on the app. Thankfully, a significant proportion of Quebec sportsbooks and casinos have mobile apps where fans can enjoy their rewards.

The Best Welcome Bonuses for Mobile Players

As you know, the Quebec online gambling world is growing at a rapid rate as new international operators emerge on the scene. With this being said, many new players feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of different bonuses and promotions.

This leads to certain challenges when looking for the best bonuses and this is why we have compiled a list of the most lucrative mobile bonus incentives, so you have everything you need in one place. Here, we take the time to highlight some of the best operators with the best bonuses for Quebec players and they are:

How to Claim Bonuses on the Go?

Claiming bonuses on the go, especially on mobile is as simple as ABC. Once you have a functioning device, a strong internet connection, and your deposit amount (where a deposit is required), you are halfway through. For beginners, so do as follows and your bonus will automatically be yours:

How Do Mobile-Specific Bonuses Work?

Mobile-specific rewards, as their name implies, are promos exclusive to users of the mobile version of an operator. The logic behind this is to promote the use of the mobile app by players. For instance, some Quebec platforms give you a mobile no deposit casino bonus upon registration.

Best Mobile-Specific Bonuses for Quebec iGaming Fans

The vast majority of Quebec iGaming platforms offer the same set of promos on their website to mobile app users. As such, it is hard to see promos specifically tailored for mobile players. Nevertheless, two platforms offer what gives a semblance of this which are:

How to Get the Most Out of Sports Betting and Casino Promotions

Promotions are great incentives for iGaming fans. Yet, it is disappointing that many gamblers do not make the best use of them. Under this section, our goal is to give the reader certain tips to follow to get the most out of bonuses.

Use Sports Betting Tools and Calculators

There are many tools that you can use to make your betting experience smoother. For instance, the betting odds calculator lets you input your stake and odds in multiple formats to quickly estimate the payout for your sports bets. Apart from that, we also have the odds value estimator, odds converter, hedging calculators, and more tools that you can always rely on whenever you want to bet.

Choose Rewards That Match Your Betting Style

Huge rewards are generally more restrictive than smaller ones. Also, offers with high rollover requirements are better suited for experienced gamers. As such, you should always go for a bonus that matches your betting style either as a beginner or a veteran.

Choose Offers That Match Your Bankroll

A mistake that many gamers make is committing to offers that are above their budget. This is usually caused by excessive focus on the bonus amounts which is often a detrimental decision. Therefore, think twice before you claim a casino or sports betting bonus.

Bet at Higher Stakes if Possible

Betting at higher stakes has obvious risks, yet its benefit is equally obvious. When you bet at higher stakes with your bonus, you are likely to have bigger winnings.

Do Your Research on Sports Teams and Events That Interest You

Do not jump on any random sports event or team just for a bonus. Endeavour to do your homework familiarizing yourself with the event or team before you start betting on it. Every competition has unique peculiarities that you need to understand to bet more accurately on them.

Make Sure Your Favorite Casino Games are Eligible

As we have previously highlighted, even the best online casino bonus in Quebec may not be used across all games. Usually, you have specific games playable with every given bonus. Therefore, confirm that the bonus you want to claim can be used on your preferred games.

Go for Lower Wagering Requirements

Your focus should be on promos with low wagering requirements especially if you are an inexperienced player. That way, you clear the requirements in no time and withdraw your winnings.

How to Claim Sports Betting and Casino Promotions in Quebec?

Whether you are a new arrival or an existing player, claiming bonuses in Quebec requires similar steps with slight differences. We will now consider these steps below. Whether a code is required or it is a casino bonus with no deposit codes, we got you covered. Following the steps highlighted below, you will be done in no time:

Once again, the bonus should be automatically credited to your account. If this is not the case, you can contact customer support for help.

How Bonus Codes Work and Why Casinos Utilize Them?

Promo codes are alphanumeric combinations that you use to claim certain promotions. Quebec casinos utilize bonus codes for casino offers because many times, they usually havemultiple packages. The codes help these platforms to distinguish an offer from another when players deposit or sign up.

Best Bonuses You Can Claim with Bonus Codes

Some of the most generous bonuses and promotions are only redeemable with the use of special bonus codes. While bonus codes differ from one casino to another, they all have one thing in common, they open doors to greater opportunities to grow your bankroll. Bonus code promotions have many variations. While some come with favourable terms and conditions, others don't. This is why our review team has researched the best Quebec bonuses with codes and they are:

Casino Bonus Offer Promo Code Slotimo First deposit bonus of 100% up to 450 CAD SLWEL300 Comix Casino No Deposit 50 Free Spins on Valley of the Muses LUCKYMIX Jet Casino 50 Free Spins on Niagara Falls NDP Heavy Chip Casino 35 no deposit free spins on Stellar Spins NDKING35ST

Use Your Bonus Funds on the Most Popular Sports in Quebec

After thorough homework by our review team, we present you with the mostpopular payment options to qualify for bonuses and withdraw winnings. These are the most popular and reliable payment services available at the vast majority of renowned iGaming sites. In addition, making minimum qualifying deposits with the use of the most popular deposit services usually qualifies you for generous bonuses. Also, you have a variety of equally reliable and easy-to-use withdrawal options when the time comes to get your hard-earned bonus winnings.

Average Minimum Odds on Quebec Sportbook Bonuses

This applies to online bookies rather than casinos. To enjoy certain sports bonuses in Quebec, you must not be below certain odds. The lower the requirement here, the better the offer. Most bookmakers in the province peg this requirement around 2.00 odds.

The best casino games for bonuses are loaded on a mobile phone

Use Your Online Casino Bonus Funds and Free Spins on the Most Popular Games

If you’re a casino enthusiast, then you need to know the most popular games in Quebec to play with your bonus. Now, don’t worry because we have saved you the stress by highlighting the popular options below:

Online Slots

There is an impressive range of online slots available across Quebec casinos for you to play.

These are slots with interesting twists that give you the best of iGaming. Some of these online slots include Book of Dead, Wolf Gold, Starburst, Big Bass Bonanza, and Gonzo’s Quest Megaways.

Table Games

There are many table games spread across the various iGaming sites in Quebec. Among these table games are Baccarat Pro, Casino Hold’em, European Blackjack, and Mini Baccarat. There are more table games you can play with your bonus.

Poker and Video Poker Games

You can also play poker and video poker games with your bonus funds and free spins. The Quebec gaming landscape has some of the highest-rated games here with big payouts and impressive RTP rates. Video poker games are also available.

They are different from regular poker games as they come with better graphic content. In any case, the popular poke games here are Texas Hold’em, 3-Card Poker, Casino Stud, and Triple Card Poker.

Live Games

Virtually all the top casinos in Quebec feature live games. Therefore, you can use your online casino signup bonus or free spins playing with real dealers in their actual element. There are many options here for you to explore, spread across Live Roulette, Live Blackjack, Live Baccarat, and Live Poker.

Instant-Win Games

These are crazy fast Casino Games where you can win instant prizes. They are perfect for Quebec players that have no time to play time-consuming online Slots and Jackpot Games. Popular options in this category include Dream Catcher, Gem Saviour, and Candy Burst.

Wager-Free Betting Bonuses for Quebec Sports Bettors

A wager-free bonus is exactly what it sounds like – it comes with no wagering requirements. Thus, whatever you win using the bonus is automatically yours. PlayOjo, LocoWin Casino, and Lucky Dino are some of the Quebec operators that offer these.

Best Wager-Free Bonuses on Quebec iGaming Sites

In many Quebec casinos and sportsbooks, free spins and cashback often come with no wagering requirement. There are many wager-free offers on the Quebec iGaming sites but some of the most impressive are:

A debit card inserted into an online casino website on a mobile phone for banking options

Recommended Banking Options to Qualify for Bonuses and Withdraw Bonus Winnings

After thorough homework by our review team, below are the popular payment options to qualify for bonuses and withdraw winnings. These are the most popular and reliable payment services available at the vast majority of renowned iGaming sites. In addition, making minimum qualifying deposits with the use of the most popular deposit services usually qualifies you for generous bonuses. Also, you have a variety of equally reliable and easy-to-use withdrawal options when the time comes to get your hard-earned bonus winnings.

Credit and Debit Cards

The overwhelming majority of Quebec residents own a credit card or debit card. Therefore, it is a suitable option for funding your account to claim rewards and also withdraw your winnings. The popular types are:


Electronic Wallets are highly preferred by most Quebec gamers because they are fast. Our review team at agrees to this and recommends them for deposits and withdrawals. They let you transact without revealing sensitive information. The most common options here include:


Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the iGaming industry like never before. More and more Quebec operators now accept them as a payment method. This will be our top choice for withdrawing winnings as it is fast, safe, and secure. The popularly accepted cryptos are:

Wire Transfer

This option Is only really recommendable for deposits when other options are not available (which is rare If not Impossible). It involves entering your sort code, filling in your account number, and nominating a stake to make a deposit.

Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are not often used but yet accepted by many Quebec casinos and sportsbooks. They are not exactly like credit cards as they are safer and more secure. Here are the common options:

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How We Rate Bonuses Accessible to Players from Quebec

To determine if a bonus is good or otherwise for Quebec gamers, we always take into account a couple of different equally important factors. As you probably already know, one of these factors relates to wagering requirements. While looking for bonuses with more reasonable wagering requirements, we check other important factors which when combined determine the true value of a bonus. Even if a bonus appears to be very generous, the true value can only be understood when you dig deeper into its terms and conditions and this is how we rate bonuses.

Why You Should Benefit from Canadian Bonuses

Betting and casino bonuses are specifically designed for players. Thus, it is always a good idea for Quebec players to claim them. For one, they give your gaming experience a financial boost as you get to enjoy both the thrills and risks of gambling. We will most especially encourage players to opt for welcome packages as they tend to be couched in favourably. Besides, you spend your time and energy playing on their platform; the least you deserve is some amazing rewards.

Unless the wagering requirement is unreasonably high or the validity period is too short among others, then you might reconsider committing to the casino bonus.

EspaceJeux Bonuses You Can Claim Today

Espacejeux online casino was launched in 2010 and is the official gambling platform for Quebec. One big issue our team found with this platform is that there’s no distinct and organized promotions page. The only way to have an idea of what the casino has for players is through the banners on the homepage.

There seems to be a no deposit bonus of 10 CAD. Also, there are some sort of promotions on the page that are not clearly defined.

EspaceJeux Bonuses vs Bonuses at Offshore Sites

On its own, EspaceJeux does a decent job with promotions. However, when compared with offshore platforms, the platform is not as impressive. Offshore sites generally offer better rewards with more generous terms and potential wins.

Quebec Bonuses and Promotions - Pros and Cons




Meri Zimic - Author
Meri Zimic - Author

Since 2016 Meri Zimic is the Head Content Publisher on and other GambleSites Network websites. Meri's time is focused on casino & betting site comparisons, along with casino game, software and welcome promotion breakdowns. Although not Quebecois, she specializes in all provincial iGaming markets.

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