Sports Betting in Quebec: Guide to the Best Canadian Sportsbook Sites

Sports betting has been very popular in Quebec since Bill C-218 made it legal in 2021. The law gave each province the power to make its own rules on gambling, and laws are very flexible. This makes it possible for several sportsbooks to offer betting options for residents of the Canadian province. These online sites come in a variety with each boasting unique offerings whether betting online or via their apps.

Best Quebec Sports Betting Sites Ranked & Reviewed

    Sign-Up Bonus Rating & Review
  1. -% Match Bonus, Up to $0

    William Hill Vegas, part of the renowned brand, provides exclusive video slots and diverse games accessible through web browsers and mobile devices. With a Malta license, the platform emphasizes professionalism, responsive support, and robust security, including 128-bit SSL encryption.

    Available in Quebec
  2. 100% Match Bonus, Up to $750

    The casino's support team, available 24/7 through live chat, email, and phone, prioritizes security with high-level encryption for player data protection. Game fairness is maintained through constant monitoring using a random number generator.

    Available in Quebec
  3. 100% Match Bonus, Up to $600

    Bodog Casino provides robust player support through a help section and a dedicated team via contact form or phone. Prioritizing player privacy, the casino utilizes SSL encryption for secure transactions and undergoes regular audits by Gambling Associates to ensure fair play, evaluating the Random Number Generator.

    Available in Quebec
  4. 100% Match Bonus, Up to $100

    Bet365 Sports excels at the top of our rankings, providing a secure online betting environment with diverse markets, competitive odds, and strong security measures, including 256-bit SSL encryption and multiple firewalls.

    Available in Quebec
    Bet365 Casino Review
  5. 100% Match Bonus, Up to $600

    DraftKings, a gambling industry leader, delivers excellence with secure live betting options and competitive odds. The comprehensive sportsbook supports real-money wagers on pre-match and live events, showcasing a commitment to innovation by integrating successful features from other betting sites.

    Available in Quebec
  6. 100% Match Bonus, Up to $1200

    BetVictor, tracing roots to a 1946 London family business, is now a premier European sports betting site since launching online in 2000. With a helpful center and 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, and SMS, BetVictor caters to modern online bettors with competitive odds and a stellar reputation.

    Available in Quebec
    Bet Victor Casino Review
  7. 150% Match Bonus, Up to $2500

    BUSR, a promising US online sportsbook with a Curacao license, provides a reliable and enjoyable sports betting experience. Despite some limitations in extensive sports betting options and certain restrictive betting limits, BUSR stands out for its competitive odds and diverse market offerings, making it a solid choice for sports enthusiasts.

    Available in Quebec
  8. 50% Match Bonus, Up to $100

    TonyBet greets players with a sign-up bonus, complemented by limited-time promotions like slot races and free spins. The casino's VIP Program, initiated with the first deposit, awards CPs for slot wagers, progressing through 30 levels, each unlocking rewards subject to a 3x wagering requirement.

    Available in Quebec
    TonyBet Review
  9. 100% Match Bonus, Up to $300

    XBet offers a comprehensive betting experience with a sportsbook, racebook, and casino. Established in 2014 and licensed by the Curacao eGaming Commission, it ensures secure gaming with competitive odds on major sports leagues and a diverse array of casino games.

    Available in Quebec
  10. 50% Match Bonus, Up to $1000

    BetOnline provides 24/7 support via live chat, phone, or email, prioritizing security with SSL encryption. The casino undergoes regular audits by TST for transparency and accountability, ensuring a secure gaming environment.

    Available in Quebec

On this page, we discuss the best betting sites in Quebec. Compiling a list of the best was not an easy task, as it required us to check and test each of these sites. But we've done it to save you the trouble, so that you can find that perfect site.

A mobile phone displaying a soccer field with coins and a trophy introducing the top sportsbooks in Quebec

There are numerous sports betting sites in Quebec. Here are the top picks available to Quebec residents. Before we start discussing them, it should be noted that none of these sites is licensed by the Quebec iGaming agency. But they are still available for Quebec players, and it is legal to use them.

Quick Review of Sports Betting Sites Licensed by the Quebec iGaming Authorities

Although it is possible to bet with offshore sportsbook websites in Quebec, these platforms are not licensed by Quebec iGaming authorities. This means the consumer protection available is not as strict. But there are some sportsbooks licensed by authorities. They include:

Quebec-Licensed vs Offshore Sports Betting Sites

Since Quebec has provincially licensed sports betting sites and users can also use offshore betting platforms, choosing between the two options can be tricky. But the best way to do that would be to look at some features.

The Quebec-licensed platforms enjoy the advantage of more security and stability. This is especially true for the ones operated by Loto-Quebec. Since Loto-Quebec will always be in operation, there is no reason for users to worry that they will lose their funds. Even Sports Interaction, which is privately owned, also has a strong reputation and history.

Their security standards are also very high. Both Mise-o-jeu and Espacejeux require verification of identity when registering. So, it is very hard for scammers to have access to their platforms.

However, the betting odds on the Loto-Quebec platforms are not as competitive as what you'll get with offshore sports betting sites. Over the years, Mise-O-Jeu has become better in terms of betting options. This means there are more sports available to bet on. But offshore betting sites still have more and better options. The lack of bonuses on Quebec-licensed platforms makes them less attractive to many users.

Can I Legally Join Offshore Sports Betting Sites?

While the Quebec-licensed sports betting platforms might make it seem like they are the only options available, they are not. Quebec residents can register and play on offshore sports betting sites. The most important thing is to make sure you are of legal age, which is 18 years.

Besides that, it is important to ensure that the sports betting site has a valid license from another reputable iGaming authority and they have a stellar reputation themself.

Will the Quebec iGaming Authority Issue New Remote Gaming Licenses?

It is unlikely that the Quebec iGaming authority will issue gaming licenses to offshore gaming operators. Since these operators are remote and not within the jurisdiction of Quebec, authorities do not concern themselves with their affairs. This makes using these remote betting sites a little risky unless you're sure of their reputation.

a woman with two thumbs up with 5 stars above her head explaining how we review our sportsbooks in Quebec

How We Review and Rate Quebec Sports Betting Sites

There are thousands of offshore sports betting sites available to Quebec residents. In picking the best, we had to consider a number of very important factors. It is important for players to carefully consider some of these factors in order to make a more informed decision.

Security, Licensing, and Reputation

Using an online betting site means that you have to submit personal information and financial information. So, it is important to ensure the platform's security. In reviewing the betting sites, we analyze whether they are secure. The best way to tell this is if they use SSL encryption. The licensing authority is also important, which is why all the sites here obtain their licenses from reputable organizations. However, we also confirm that the betting sites have a solid reputation based on their business practices over the years.

Customer Support

Another thing we considered is the customer support available. No matter how good a sports betting website is, there would be one issue or the other. It is important that customers can reach out to someone when they are encountering issues. So, we look for options such as live chats, phone support, the languages available, and how comprehensive the FAQ section is.

Banking Options and Withdrawals Speed

The ease of deposits and withdrawals is essential for most sports betting platforms. What would determine this is the number of banking options available. Most sports betting sites on our list have multiple options, including cryptocurrencies. However, Quebec-licensed sites don't accept cryptocurrencies.

Bonuses and Promotions

Casino bonuses and promotions are essentially how betting platforms attract and retain users. The more generous it is, the better. But we don't just look at the bonus. We also consider the additional terms and conditions, which are what makes the bonus worth claiming or not. However, the two betting sites operated by Loto-Quebec don’t offer bonuses at this time.

Sports Coverage

When it comes to sports betting, the more, the merrier. The number of sports that a sportsbook carries is important. This is why we ensure that all the sports betting sites cover more than 20 different spots with several national and international leagues. Some of them even offer betting options for eSports.

Betting Options and Odds

Several betting options are available, such as single betting, parlay, etc. All these betting options offer Quebec players flexibility in how they want to play. Multiple betting options combined with great odds help to improve the chance of winning big. So, we only selected betting sites with the best odds and various betting options.

In-Play Betting Options

Live betting or in-play betting is essential for any sportsbook. But the quality of the live betting options matters because it makes the difference. We select the sports betting sites that offer extensive live betting options for every game and keep the lines open for most of the game.

Mobile Compatibility

Most people use their mobile devices nowadays for sports betting, so mobile compatibility is essential. We ensured that every sports betting website has a mobile-compatible website that supports live betting even on browsers. Some sites even have mobile apps that you can download for android and iOS devices.

Availability of Responsible Gambling Tools

Another key thing we considered is the responsible gaming tools available on the website. While betting might be fun, it can get addictive. This is why it is important to find only platforms with tools to ensure people bet responsibly. These include deposit limits, time limits, loss limits, self-exclusions, time-outs, and gaming resources.

How To Find the Right Online Sports Betting Site in Quebec Based on Your Budget and Betting Preferences?

Finding the right sports betting in Quebec depends mostly on what you’re looking for. But there are still general characteristics to consider. We believe that if a casino ticks some of the boxes, then it might be worth checking out. Some of the things we look out for include:

Look Only for Reputable Sports Betting Sites

The reputation of the sports betting sites matters a lot. Weeding out the sites with a bad reputation should be your first call of business. Confirm the license and registration of the sportsbook and check the security standards. You don't want to use a website that will sell or compromise your personal information.

Check Other Bettors’ Reviews

Official reviews from other websites are great, but they might not be very objective. The better thing to do is to check reviews from bettors. Bettors always say it the way it is, and they will complain if a website is not good enough. Notice the feedback and whether the online sportsbook responds to those reviews and comments.

Check the Availability of Bonuses and Promotions

You should also consider the promotions, bonuses, and free bets available. Most punters will even consider this before anything else. Bonuses improve your chances of winning and let you enjoy betting more. You'll find that there are a lot of bonus options available on offshore betting sites; take advantage of the best ones.

Look Into Sports Coverage and Betting Odds

The number of sports covered can't be ignored. A good bookmaker should cover all the popular sports and also some niche sports. Look for the ones that also cover sports in your region, as you'll be more familiar with those sports. The competitiveness of betting odds is also important. There is a risk of losing money with every bet, so you want to ensure you hedge that risk properly and the bookmaker lives up to their advertised odds. Start by betting small.

Check the Availability of Customer Care Services

Unlike physical betting venues, where there is always a staff you can beckon to, online sites are virtual. But you can still have issues that need resolving. In such cases, it is important to ascertain that the sportsbook has great customer service. Even if not in Canada, the site should have their contact information. You should also be able to reach somebody for help via live chat, mail, or phone calls.

Check Our Quebec Sports Betting Guide Regularly

We update our Quebec sports betting guide from time to time so you can know the best sportsbooks in the province. Information is key, and most players, access to information makes the difference. So, we urge players to check back on our often for new information.

A book about law with casino chips and cards representing Quebec betting laws and regulations

Legality of Online Sports Betting in Quebec

Sports betting is legal in Quebec and has been so since the passage of Bill C-218 in 2021. This law made single-game sports betting permissible in Canada and Quebec. Here, we discuss the legality of sports betting in the province.

When Was Online Sports Betting Legalized in Quebec?

Sports betting in Quebec became legal on August 27, 2021. This was the day Bill C-218 launched. The bill was first introduced in February 2020, and the House of Commons approved it in April 2021. The senate followed suit, and the Chief Justice of Canada provided the royal asset in June 2021.

Brief History of In-Person Sports Betting in Quebec

Is Daily Fantasy Sports Legal in Quebec?

Daily fantasy sports are not expressly prohibited in Canada. So, they're considered legal in Quebec. Bookmakers such as FanDuel and DraftKings allow Quebec residents to bet on Daily Fantasy Sports.

Which Canadian Provinces Legalized Online Sports Betting Before Quebec?

Sports betting in Canada has been legal since 1985, and all provinces and territories permit it. But it was parlay betting at the time. Not until 2021 did single-game betting become legal. Ontario is the first province to legalize sports betting in Canada after the new law. Since the law allows each province to determine its own gambling rules, there is divergence on what each city province allows.

Generally, almost every province and territory apart from Ontario allows offshore sports betting sites since they did not make any law to ban them. But they also have licensed sportsbooks which are usually safer. Only Ontario has a strict iGaming law. The iGaming authority must register any sportsbook that wants to operate in Ontario in the province.

This means offshore betting platforms are not accessible to Ontario residents. Even international betting sites that operate in other areas of Canada have an Ontario-specific site for their Ontario residents.

How the Quebec Sports Betting Market Compares to Other Canadian Sports Betting Markets?

Quebecers have unlimited opportunities for sports betting online because they can use offshore and international betting sites. But there are also licensed local sportsbooks for them. The fact that the local sportsbooks have poor odds, rarely offer bonuses, and have limited sports coverage discourages people from using them. However, the offshore and international sports betting sites don't have any special offers for residents of Quebec. They get the same odds, bonuses, and sports coverage as other Canadians apart from those in Ontario.

Can I Keep All of My Online Sports Betting Winnings?

Yes. The Canadian taxation system allows players to keep all their winnings from online sports betting in Canada, which applies to Quebec. The only exception is when you're a professional gambler. It is important to understand and determine which category of player you may be.

Who Can Legally Engage in Online Sports Betting Activities?

In Quebec, the minimum legal age for gambling is 18, just as it is for alcohol consumption. Two other provinces have the same age limit: Alberta and Manitoba. The other is provinces and territories require you to be at least 19 years before gambling.

Quebec Sports Betting Laws and Regulations

Although Quebec has flexible laws for sports betting, it’s still important to be familiar with those rules and regulations. Knowing and understanding these rules and regulations will help players understand do’s and don’ts at online casinos. Here, we discuss some of the most important rules:

Rules and Regulations

There are no special laws particular to sports betting. The laws only cover bingo, video lottery, casino games, etc. The fact that there are no particular sports betting laws makes it possible for offshore betting sites to operate.

Quebec Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission

The Quebec Alcohol, Racing and Gaming Commission, also known as Régie des alcools, des courses et des Jeux (RACJ), is the governing body responsible for licensing and regulating all casinos and gambling activities in the province. It is also responsible for regulating alcohol, horse racing and combat sports.

Kanhnawake Gaming Commission regulates Sports Interaction. Loto quebec is the only licensed operator and it runs two notable casino and gambling portals. These are Espacejeux and Mise-o-jeu. Espacejeux is more or less the casino platform, while the sports betting online section redirects to Mise-o-jeu.

Are There Any Internationally-Operating Sports Betting Sites Licensed by the Agency?

The RAJC does not license any internationally-operating casino. But they can still operate in the province. It is unlikely that it would issue any license for these offshore sites anytime soon. Other international regulators include Gambling Commision UK, Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner, Malta Gaming Authority, the government of Curacao, and many more.

Latest Reports on the Quebec Sports Betting Market

Only Loto-Quebec is recognized as the legal sports betting operator in Quebec. Its first quarter report shows that:

How Quebec Online Sports Betting Laws Compare to iGaming Laws and Regulations in Other Canadian Provinces

Gambling is legal in all of the 10 provinces and only illegal in the 3 territories. The 3 territories where gambling is illegal include Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest territories. We will highlight the 10 provinces where gambling is legal, but it is important to note that one law does does not exist for all. There are diverse laws regulation casinos on a provincial basis.

As stated earlier, the laws in all the provinces are not the same. Only Ontario has a legal market for online sports betting in Canada, as it allows third-party websites and international betting platforms to get licensed and offer their services in the province.

The other eight provinces offer online and retail sports betting through state-owned sportsbooks and casinos, such as Espacejeux in Quebec, PlayNow in British Columbia, PlayAlberta in Alberta, etc.

But this does not stop international and offshore betting sites from offering bets for residents of the eight provinces due to the legal grey area. The provincial legal operators are trying to get authorities to make those international and remote betting platforms illegal. But they have not been successful yet.

Best Alternatives to Retail Sports Betting in Quebec

Online sports betting is not the only option in Quebec. There are also legally operating land-based casinos where you can bet on sports teams. They include:

Offshore Sports Betting in Quebec – Our Top Picks

Thinking of using offshore betting sites, there are several options available for you while in Quebec. So, it's important to select the best ones. Even though the Quebec iGaming regulator does not license these sites, they have licenses from other reputable iGaming authorities. The best ones include DraftKings, FEZbet, BUSR, Bodog, BetVictor, etc.

Various sporting equipment around a gold and black slot machine with a roulette wheel

Online Sports Betting Opportunities for Quebec Players

There are several sports betting opportunities available for Quebec as the betting covers different leagues and sports and offers multiple betting options. Players can find a lot of sporting options to pick. However, we advise that players choose and bet on sports that they know and understand fairly well.

Sports Coverage

Online sports betting sites in Quebec cover several sports. As mentioned, its best that players bet on sports that they are familiar with. Here are the ones you will find on all sites:

Types of Sports Bets

All sports bets are not the same. Sportsbooks offer various options for you to wager, and the common ones include:

Parlay Bets

This was Quebec's only legally acceptable betting option until August 27, 2021. It involves wagering on multiple games or bets and getting a positive result in all the games to win. For example, a 6-leg parlay could see you bet $10 on 6 different events in one sport, and you can even use several options such as point spread, moneylines, individual performances, etc. But you must get a positive result in all 6 events to win. It is a good way to get a large payout.

Futures Bets

This is when you wager on the outcome of a future event, such as who would win the league, who would emerge as MVP, how many points a player would get in a game, etc.

Point Spread

This is common and involves you betting on the team's margin of victory rather than their final result. The favourite team to win is priced at a minus (–), and the underdog gets a (+). So, if a team is priced at –5, they must win more than 5 points. If you bet on the team priced at +5, you win if the team loses by fewer than 5 points or wins outright.


In this case, you’re betting on a team to win. For example, if you bet on the Montreal Canadiens to beat the Toronto Maple Leafs, you simply win as long as the Montreal Canadiens win. It is the simplest form of sports betting.


Teasers are like parlay because you're betting on multiple events. But you only do so with a point spread, and all the wins have one payout. With teasers, you only extend the point spread, giving a better chance of winning.

Prop Bets

Proposition bets are not directly tied to the final score or result of the game. They could be player props that focus on a player's performance in the game. It could also be a game prop, which deals with what happens in the game. For example, the first team to score 30 points, how many corners a team would have in a soccer match, etc.

Over/Under Bets

With this type of bet, you are betting on the total score to be over or under a certain point. For example, suppose the Toronto Raptors are facing the Golden State Warriors. You can bet that the total points won't be over 130. If at the end of the day, Toronto Raptors win 68 - 58, the total is 126, which is still under 130. So you have won the bet.

Which Sports Teams are Favored by Quebec Sports Bettors?

Quebec punters love hockey, and this is the game they bet on the most. Given that they have a local team in the NHL, many Québécois bet on Montreal Canadiens. The team is the oldest in the NHL, having been part of the Original Six.

Soccer is another sport that has grown in popularity in Quebec and Canada. This is due to the performance of the Canadian National soccer team and Montreal Impact. Montreal Impact or Club de Foot Montréal (CF Montréal) plays in the Major League Soccer, the top soccer league for US and Canada.

Several Quebec residents are interested in American football due to the Montréal Alouettes. The team plays in the Canadian Football League and is one of the best performers in the league. So, it's not surprising that home fans love to bet on them.

Which Sports Leagues are Favored by Quebec Sports Betting Enthusiasts?

Quebec sport betting enthusiasts favour the Major League Soccer, National Hockey League and Canadian football leagues because they have home teams playing there. But there are several other popular leagues, such as the NBA, NHL, MLB, English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, etc., that several punters bet on.

Is Live Betting Legal in Quebec?

Live betting is amazing and dynamic because you’re betting when the game has started. So, the odds are always changing as the game progresses. Fortunately, they're legal in Quebec. Sports bettors in the province can place in-play bets on sports such as football, soccer, tennis, hockey, baseball, etc. The number of sports that you can place live bets on differs from platform to platform.

Is Mobile Sports Betting Available in Quebec?

There are several mobile sport betting options for Quebec punters because all sportsbooks are compatible with mobiles. Players can access any of their favorite casino websites right from the comfort of their phones, tablets, or other mobile devices.

The Best Mobile Sports Betting Sites in Quebec

There are several mobile sports betting sites to try out in Quebec. All these sites are instant play, meaning you can start placing your bets once you create an account. Some of the best include FEZbet, Bodog, Sports Interaction, etc.

The Best Mobile Sports Betting Apps in Quebec

While many options are available if you're looking for sportsbook browsers, you can go one step further by downloading mobile apps. Here are the best mobile apps to check out

Is eSports Betting Legal in Quebec?

Esports betting is legal in Quebec, and several websites offer esports betting. This includes the Loto-Quebec sites. But if you want the best eSport offers, check BetOnline. eSports betting also has a huge community online, and we advise players to check these out from time to time.

A golden present box with sporting elements representing Sports Betting Bonuses and Promotions

Different Types of Bonuses and Promotions Available to Quebec Sports Betting Fans

Sports betting sites also offer several bonuses for all users. These are the common options you'll encounter:

Welcome Bonuses

The welcome bonus is for new players, and you'll find it on all the offshore and international sports betting sites. BUSR offers up to $2,500 in welcome bonus.

Free Bets

This is a bet of a specified value that the sportsbook will pay for. For example, you can get a $20 free bet which means you can wager $20 on different games without touching your deposits. It's usually for new players and can also be for existing players.

Odds Boosts

Odd boosts increase the amount a player stands to win on a money line, totals, or point spread for a certain game. Existing players usually get this bonus.

Match play Bonuses

Match play bonuses give you free bets, but you have to place a bet, and the sportsbook will match it. For example, if you bet $20 and have a match play bonus, it doubles the stake to $40, which would increase your possible wins.

Cashback Bonuses

These bonuses allow you to recoup part of your losses. Cashback bonuses vary from one sportsbook to another. FEZbet offers cashback bonuses.

High Roller Bonuses

These bonuses are for big-time players who spend the most on the sportsbook. It comes in various forms ranging from periodic bonuses, better odds, cash gifts, or real-world prizes.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are for those who play regularly, regardless of whether they're betting big. It is a way to retain existing players.

Referral Bonuses

Some sportsbooks also offer referral bonuses. Each player gets a referral link that they can share with friends. When those people open an account and deposit, they get a bonus. Bodog offers a referral bonus of 200% on your friend’s first deposit up to $100 and an extra $25 if they deposit in crypto.

A man with a magnifying glass displaying how to find the right sportsbooks in Quebec

How to Find the Right Sports Betting Bonus?

Almost every Quebec sportsbook offers bonuses. So, you might wonder what you should look for in a bonus. Here are some of those things:

Look for Reputable Sports Betting Sites

No matter how generous the bonus might be, confirm the reputation of the platform first. Some sportsbooks make promises that they won’t fulfill. So, check reviews beforehand.

Check Wagering Requirements

Casinos have wagering requirements, and sportsbooks have rollover requirements. It is the number of times you have to play with the bonus before you can withdraw your winnings. For example, if a website gives $50 as a bonus after a deposit of $50 and there is a 10x rollover requirement. You have to bet $1000 before you can withdraw. If the rollover requirement is too high, the bonus is not worth claiming,

Check Other Terms and Conditions

You should also check other terms and conditions such as maximum cash out, bonus validity, bet limits per wager, etc.

Check Our Quebec Sports Betting Guide

The bonus offers available are always changing and keeping up can be tasking. Fortunately, we always update our guide to include the latest bonus offers.

How Bonus Codes Work

Bonus codes are exclusive codes you have to enter to claim specific sports betting bonuses and promotions. Some websites will automatically give you bonuses. But some require that you have a code and use it to get the bonus. There are several like that. The codes can be found on sports betting sites, social media pages, affiliate sites, etc.

The Best Quebec Sports Betting Sites That Utilize Bonus Codes

Most Quebec sportsbooks don’t use bonus codes directly. But there are some like BUSR that still do. On BUSR, new players can use the SPORTS100FP code to claim the welcome bonus. In this section, we will present some Sports betting sites in Quebec that uses bonus codes that players can take advantage of.

Sportsbook Bonus Code Bonus Offer William Hill c500 Insure your bet up to $500 888 Sportsbook 500Bonus 100% deposit bonus up to $500 200% deposit match up to %500 BMCOMSP

How to Claim Sports Betting Bonuses with Bonus Codes?

Claiming bonuses that have codes is easy. You can do so using the following steps:

Are Bonuses Attached with Bonus Codes More Generous?

There are no differences between bonuses with codes and those that don't have codes. At best, a bonus code might show the bonus is exclusive to only a few customers. But it doesn't mean it is more generous.

Which Sports Betting Bonuses are Featured Most Commonly?

Welcome bonuses are the most common and you’ll find them on almost every site you check. Sportsbooks such as DraftKings, FEZbet, Sports Interaction, all offer Welcome bonuses. However, from our experience and expertise, some welcome bonuses are better than other in terms of robustness. We advise that players consider the compositions of these bonuses carefully.

a mobile phone with a bank card depositing money at a quebec sportsbook

Recommended payment options for Quebec Sports Bettors

Sports bettors have several options to deposit and withdraw cash from their accounts. Here are the best payments options for Quebec punters recommended by our expert team at

The Most Popular Deposit Options

Here are the best deposit methods to use:

The Most Popular Withdrawal Options

Here are the best withdrawal options available:

How to Make Deposits and Withdrawals?

How to deposit

How to withdraw

How to Get Started

Now that you have all the information about Quebec sportsbooks, it is time to know how to start your journey.

Step 1: Find a reputable sports betting site.

We have listed some of the best sportsbooks for you here. But if you want to try out others. Always ensure that the site has a license from trusted iGaming authorities and other bettors vouch for it.

Step 2: Verify your account

After creating an account, verify your account from the email. Then, upload documents that confirm your identity, as this would make deposits and withdrawals easier.

Step 3: Make a deposit and claim a bonus.

After verifying the account, you can make a deposit. Most sportsbooks have welcome bonuses for new players, and this depends on your deposits. The bonus can match your deposits or give you 50%. However, note the deposit methods required.

Famous Professional Athletes from Quebec

In this section, we will take a look at professional Athletes that have roots in Quebec. Some of these athletes have gone on to represent the province on national and international stages.

Responsible Gambling Tools Available to Quebec Sports Bettors

Responsible gambling is essential to every licensed sports betting site operating in Quebec. These sites offer tools such as loss limits, self-exclusion, session limits, time alerts, etc.

Resource websites such as also educate people on gambling and how to avoid the negative repercussions. Loto-Quebec donates $22 million annually to the Ministry of Health and Social Services to research the repercussions of gambling and create awareness about responsible gambling.

Some associations focus on helping problem gamblers. They include:

Latest Quebec Sports Betting Sites

Pros and Cons of Online Sports Betting in Quebec



What the Future May Hold for the Quebec Online Sports Betting Market?

International operating sites will continue to gain a foothold in Quebec due to the legal gray area that makes them permissible. Although government-owned sportsbooks have been trying to get the federal government to do something about it, nothing is on the horizon yet. Unless Quebec decides to create its own legal framework for sports betting like Ontario, international betting sites will continue to dominate the market. But that would not stop the betting market from going especially as Loto-Quebec positions itself as the only legal option.


Meri Zimic - Author
Meri Zimic - Author

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